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Advertising 2.0: Social Media Marketing in a Web 2.0 World

advertisingThe entire media nowadays is flooded with developments taking place on branding, marketing and online advertising. The industry is witnessing a major change as the cyber world is offering new avenues of second life and alternate realities to people, and many advertisers are setting up shops in their virtual world, while others are gearing up to employ their new advertising models. However, there are many drawbacks from using web 2.0 and many companies that don't understand the intricate details of web 2.0 and not so technology-savvy face sure loss of time and money. Advertising 2 .0 is great as it allows the users to understand the built-in advertising options in web 2.0 platforms and provides guidelines and examples of the companies that use the options.

Besides running customary banner advertisements on websites the advertising 2.0 goes much deeper than ordinary marketing techniques by threading into the world of social media marketing. Social media expert Tracy L. Tuten explains how advertising 2.0 can be used for a very comprehensive marketing such as advertising within online games, doing online research and improving online opinions to boost sales or establish your brand line. She further explains how it turns the conventional advertising onto its head as some smart marketers let customers develop advertising contents for their products and brands. There are hardly any good books to let people learn these smart newest advertising techniques, though media frequently publishes as to how the companies are using innovative communication techniques to influence the people's purchasing decisions.

Advertising 2.0 contains the most cutting-edge technologies of online advertising and known for many newer tactics such as online product reviews, social networking, alternate reality games, Second Life, viral video and consumer-generated advertising. To help the users, the application includes examples and case studies. Many companies such as YouTube, MySpace, Nine Inch Nails, Dogster, Audi, Vodaphone, Leo Burnett and 42 Entertainment and many more. The methods described are supported by guidelines for helping the users to make engaging advertisements that touch their customers across the world.




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