Districts are encouraged to review their district assistive technology plans at least annually to assess how far they have progressed toward meeting the goals of those plans.

Review the following "Step-by-Step Checklist" of "Promising Practices Involving Program Review" and act on those which align best with the district's existing evaluation policies, procedures, and the Wisconsin Quality Indicators for Assistive Technology for Evaluation of Effectiveness (appendix B.

___ The district's assistive technology resource person collaborates with the CSE/CPSE and other staff members of the district responsible for service delivery coordination to ensure that they evaluate the assistive technology service delivery process for each student.

____ The district's assistive technology resource person maintains a log of specific activities

completed by the student as well as a portfolio of student accomplishments to document the efficacy of assistive technology devices and/or services

___ The district considers the answers to the following questions as part of the program review process.

• Has the district identified and supported an assistive technology resource person?

• Is there an accurate inventory of assistive technology equipment and its location available in the district?

• Is the assistive technology coordinator collaborating with the district technology coordinator/team?

• Has the district identified and, if appropriate, collaborated with outside resources (assistive technology evaluators, providers, vendors, etc.)?

• Was an assistive technology needs assessment conducted? Does the staff development and/or CSPD plan reflect identified needs?

• Has assistive technology awareness training been conducted for all district staff, parents, and others?

• Has more in-depth staff development been conducted with the CSE/CPSE, teachers, related services providers, etc., as appropriate?

• Are staff comfortable with their level of knowledge regarding assistive technology?

• Have staff and parents been involved in the review process

• Has the district's assistive technology resource person supported the efforts of the CSE/CPSE to enable them to have an adequate knowledge base upon which to make appropriate assistive technology recommendations?

• Is a process in place for ongoing assessment of student technology needs?

• Are assistive technology services being implemented successfully?

• What needs to be changed?


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