The following questions may be useful to districts considering the lease or purchase of assistive technology devices.*

• How will the individual assistive device address the student's specific needs?

• Will the device help to meet the student's annual goals and short-term objectives.

• Is the device appropriate for the student's age?

• Have all the activities and environments where the device will be used been considered?

• Are there restrictions on the use of the device in any of those environments?

• What are the student's transportation needs and do they affect the kind of device he or she will need?

• What are the most effective devices that can meet the recommended goals?

• Does the chosen device do what it is supposed to do?

• Can the student comfortably or independently operate the device?

• Will the student outgrow this device? If so, how soon?

• For how long is the device likely to last?

• Is the device dependable?

• Does the device need batteries or electricity? Are connections available in all locations where the device will be used?

• Can the device be easily moved? Does it need to be portable and, if so, how can the student transport it?

• Can the device be used with other equipment?

• Will the student be able to try the device before the district leases/purchases it? Is there a loaner period?

• What is the warranty period? Can the device be returned if it does not work? Is a service contract cost effective?

• Is the company that the equipment was purchased from reputable?

• Does the vendor have a toll free telephone number? Does the vendor provide telephone support if help is needed?

• How easy is it to take care of the device from day to day? Does it require routine maintenance? If so, how much an how often?

• How sturdy and/or secure is the device? Does it need to be mounted in some way? Is the device flimsy or easily broken?

• How easy is it to learn how to use the device?

• Is there construction involved in using the device and, if so how easy is it to put together?

• How easy is it to get the device repaired?

• Does the student like the way the device looks and is that important?

• Does the district know anyone else who has used the device?

• How old is the device and is there a more current model?

• How much will the device cost? Are there extra costs or peripherals that will need to be purchased with it? What will installation costs be?


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