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articlesArticles are the writings related to different fields. Many articles are available on different fields related to education, business, finance, economics, science, technology, sports, products, and politics and on the current affairs. If the quality of the article is higher, then the several numbers of users will read the article. The categorization of the articles is done based on the fields and the area of their concern. In some cases, the articles are grouped together based on the finance articles, marketing articles and so on. The most common types of articles are newsletter article and feature articles. The newsletter articles deal with the latest updates on the relevant topic. The feature articles deal with information regarding the discussions and the criticism and the favoritism. There are different modes of issuing the articles like in the books, in the newspaper or in on the internet.

The news articles are preferred to be published in the news because of their current aspects. These articles may be published in most of the weekly and monthly editions. Before publishing, the publisher must check the quality of the content. But the feature articles usually hold the excellent articles. Sometimes they may include the discussion section of the newspaper or over the internet. Some articles are in the forms of research papers with small or the large ones. They are very subjective and require the complete research to present to the people. Another type of articles is promotional articles. They are written to promote the use of products or for the marketing purposes. The main focus of the articles is not on the information but on the good image of the product. It also concerns about the benefits and the ways to purchase the products. The importance of the quality and the originality should never be ignored.




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