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notebook, penGood articles start with introductions, continue with a clear structure and end with standard appendices such as references. Articles must start with a brief section introducing the topic. But it is never useful to add something like "Introduction". The introduction is followed by a broad summary of the topic and it is called "overview". Individual paragraphs should be short enough to be readable, but long enough to develop an idea. Tables and lists should be rewritten as prose. The heading may help to clarify the articles. The heading should be hierarchical. Articles should be kept moderately short. The articles of longer size should be broken up into smaller articles to improve readability and ease of editing. In shorter articles, if one subtopic has more text than another subtopic, the subtopic should have its own page. The text of any article consists of a sequence of related subtopics.

News style is a type of style used in article writing. The feature of news style is a placement of important information first, with a decreasing importance as the article advances. It is the reason many people expect to find important material early. This style may help in planning and layout of an article. Another style is a summary style which is an organizational style. It is similar to news style except that it applies to topics instead of articles. There are two main reasons for using summary style. First is the different reader requires different levels of detail: some need a quick summary but many others requires a moderate amount of information and find the articles suits their needs. The other reason is that an article is too long becomes tedious to read. Articles may write in a formal tone. Standards may be depending on the subject matter. But it should follow the style used by reliable sources.




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