College life


Once the students finished their school life, a new phase of their life begins. College is a big step for any young student to take in their life. The thought of college brings on a large spectrum of emotions such as excitement and nervousness. It is time to make that big transition to college from school. It is the life of facing all challenges and issues. College life can be a blast. The college students require 9 hours of sleep in order to reach their highest academic performance. But on average college students get about 5-6 hours of sleep per night. About 20% of college students affect from sleeping disorders.

One of the most popular websites used by college students is Facebook. It is twice as popular among youth. About one-third of college students fail at least once in their college career. Freshman year of college means moving to a strange environment where students do not know anyone. College life can be a blast for students. But there will some issues and problems they have to face them. During orientation, students meet as many people as possible for making relationships. Sometime those people may become best friends. Students will get to explore the campus and the buildings.

Students can try to make relationships with older students. They may give advice for freshers to survive in the college. They are more experienced with many of the things in the college. So they can help the newer ones. Students have to ask more questions. It may help them to have deeper knowledge in those subjects. The most important rule to keep in mind is to have an open communication to their roommates.

The college experiences the students to learn to tackle tough issues. In college there will be certainly a lot to do such as classes, clubs and the social activities. The student's schedule will be full. The hardest part of students is to balance sleep with social activity and school. Many students want to join every club that looks more interesting. But they should remember that they will not have sufficient time to be completely committed all of them. They should pick and choose a few clubs that they want to focus on and make them the priority. Once they are convenient with their schedule, they can try to add few more things. Generally there is a lack of privacy when the students are living on campus.


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