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The Nobel laureate presents: Thinking, Fast and Slow

Daniel KahnemanDaniel Kahneman who received the Noble Prize in Economic Sciences is one of our most significant thinkers. He received Noble Prize for his inspirational work in psychology that confronted the coherent model of ruling and decision making. His ideas have had a deep and widely considered influence on several fields which include politics, medicine and economics- but till now, his researches and thoughts have never been transformed into a single book.

In the highly awaited Thinking, Fast and Slow, people can enjoy a tour of the mind and Kahneman has provided explanations on the two systems that motivate the manner we think. According to him, system one is spontaneous, fast and expressive and system two is more rational, more intentional and also slower. Kahneman has emphasized on the surprising capabilities and also the advantages and disadvantages of fast thinking. He has also revealed how spontaneous impressions have widespread influence on our behavior and thinking processes. One has to know how the two systems work collectively to form our conclusions and decisions and thus one can understand the following:

  • • Difficulties of forecasting what will make a person happy in the future.
  • • Challenges of properly enclosing threats at work and at home.
  • • Impact of loss hatred and overconfidence on business approaches.
  • • Intense effect of thinking preferences on everything at workplace and also at home.

Kanheman has involved the reader in an energetic discussion about how we think and thus he has shown where our intuitions can be trusted and in which cases those cannot be trusted and how the benefits of slow thinking can be utilized. He has also offered real-world and illuminating understandings on how we can make selections in our businesses as well as in our personal lives. He has also guided us how various techniques can be used for protection against the mental problems that often disturb us a lot. Through thinking, Fast and Slow, one can change the way he/she considers about thinking.




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