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Eating Well in School Part 3


Most fish are healthy and salmon ranks at the top. Salmon can be poached, grilled or eaten raw.


Since this is a guide for business students and sushi is omnipresent in business, we will take a look at some of the basic definitions. Once you dive into the world of sushi, you will never leave. Sushi is delicious but can get pricey. Increasingly though, you can find lower priced alternatives.
Sushi is indeed an acquired taste, but once you catch on, it will become a good friend at business settings – from cocktails to lunches – and dates or parties. No amount of text can do justice to sushi, but for the sake of this guide, sushi is the term that encompasses sashimi, sushi and maki.
Sashimi is raw slices of fish – no rice, no vegetables. These pieces may be served alone, or with ginger, wasabe and soya sauce.
Sushi is the most traditional and accessible form: slices of raw fish over vinegared rice.
Finally, makis rolls are stuffed with fish, vegetables, seaweed, rice as well as tempura.
The most worthwhile piece of advice is to try sushi with an open mind – and mouth.


Ironically, what makes your breath stink is exactly what makes garlic so darn good for you. Garlic is one of the best natural products to protect your heart. Garlic also has antibacterial benefits. Mince it, smash it, grate it, or slice it the way Paul Sorvino did in Goodfellas. Do not just toss in a clove whole; otherwise you will not have released its powerful health agents.

Green Tea

Who cannot use a good coffee on the way to class? Well if you wish to avoid tumors from developing, go with green tea. The Chinese drink green tea as much as Westerners drink coffee, and guess what? The rate of stomach ulcers and liver cancer is much lower in China than in North America.


And you thought what tastes good has to be bad for you. Apparently, blueberries fight off E.coli bacteria from "adhering to the bladder wall." Blueberries also combat heart disease and cancer, so have them with your cereal and take a handful to class.


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