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Hygiene and safety of a college

towelThere are certain factors other than graduation percentage, infrastructure and faculty ratio that are important for selecting the college. One among them is the hygiene and fitness facilities that they offer to the students. The college campuses are home to students from various states, places and cultures. Because of this, the spread of germs is maximum and thus the health of students may get infected. The college administration should perform all the tasks possible to effectively clean the campus and prevent students from getting infected. The dining halls should be clean always and must provide healthy food to the students. Fried foods should be avoided most of the times and instead baked foods should only be served. The canteen in the campus should always have fruits and vegetables for the students to eat. Eating healthy food will not only keep you healthy but you should also do proper exercise and work out. For that, the campus should have a well equipped gym where all latest exercise facilities are available. Hiking trails can also be present in the campus along with swimming pool.

The campuses should also have health and fitness centers where immunizations to some basic health problems are provided to the students. Common ailments should be treated as and when they are affected so that the problems can be treated immediately. Students of this age will usually suffer from depression, anxiety and other sort of mental illness and the college campus should have counseling centers where student counselors should provide support for the students in making them feel relaxed. Students are vulnerable to harmful activities such as cigarette smoking, consuming alcohol, illegal sexual activities etc. So they should be intimated about the various ill effects of these activities so that the students come out as good individuals. Moreover safety of the students should be given more importance than any other factors and thus all safety standards should be followed here. Transportation facilities for day scholars should be provided so that they can come over to the college safely and at time. The neighborhoods of the college campus should be clean and safe with less crime rates. The parking lot of the college should be guarded by watchmen so that vehicles are safe. All above factors are not considered by many but make sure to have them in your check list while selecting college.




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