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Advertising 2.0: Social Media Marketing in a Web 2.0 World

The entire media nowadays is flooded with developments taking place on branding, marketing and online advertising. Advertising 2 .0 is great as it allows the users to understand the built-in advertising options in web 2.0 platforms and provides guidelines and examples of the companies that use the options.


How an introvert can succeed in business and leadership

If a person is an introvert, then it is really an advantage for him/her, provided he/she knows how to control it. The author is an introvert person. She has utilised her attitude and from a freshman college graduate she has become a successful business woman.


Internet marketing

Internet marketing, otherwise called as online or web marketing is the promotion of products and services through internet. The internet marketing includes displaying advertisements in websites, e-mail marketing etc. The internet marketing is a combination of both technical and advertising skills of individuals.


Social media marketing

The social media sites are on the peak in the last couple of years and hence they are considered as one of the best marketing strategies over internet. The process is so simple, where you need to create innovative and interesting content for your products or services and post them in social sites, after which the users may share your content if they are attracted.


Social Networking for Jobseekers

Asked about social bookmarking most people will respond with the site in the news lately, MySpace, or perhaps sites like Friendster. The concept has actually been around for several years and some businesspeople, especially entrepreneurs and salespeople, use more mature, business-oriented sites like Ecademy and LinkedIn.


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