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Moon calendar - Dampness in soil is influenced by gravitational pull

There are lots of concepts that are based on science and superstition about growing your plants, fruits and vegetables according to the phases of the moon calendar. The fact is that our planet is situated in a huge field of gravitation that is affected by moon and sun. In time when these two planets are in one line with earth, happens new and full moon calendar phase which arouses increase of tides. When the moon attracts tides to the ocean, it happens that delicate portions of water are flowing to the soil that causes increase of dampness promoting the process of growing. At that time the maximum quantity of water is present in the ground. It is established by lots of analysis that when the moon is full, seeds absorb lots of water.
When the new moon phase becomes, its gravity brings water upper and makes the seeds enlarge and rupture. Together with the period of moon increasing it makes leaves grow and roots balancing. At this time it is best to plant those crops that make their seeds away from their fruits. For example such vegetables like celery, cauliflower, spinach, cabbage, lettuce, grain crops and broccoli. The exception to this regulation are cucumbers, that grow good during this phase.


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