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Robotics technology study for students

robotRobotics technology programs make engineers to design and use robots. In this technology, students learn principles of robotics. They also learn to design, build, run and test robots. Now-a-days robotics is a fast developing field. Industrial robots are multi-functional mechanical devices designed to move materials, tools, or specialized devices through variable programmed motions to perform a variety of tasks. In general, robots are used to perform unsafe, hazardous, highly repetitive and unpleasant tasks.

Batteries are used as a power source for robots. Lead acid batteries are most popularly used. The reason is these batteries are safe and relatively long lives. Actuators are acting like muscles for the robots. Spring is a part of robots which allows them to improve their force control. They have performed many functions such as material handling, assembly, welding, and machine tool load and unload functions, spraying, etc. They are doing a lot of useful work for people. They are exploring accidents on the ocean bottoms. They are also spying on enemy troops while flying overhead. They also have some mechanical functions and some electronic functions such as "sensory' and "brain" functions. It has a sensor like instruments for detecting the position of the target. Sensors are very much essential for robots to perform their tasks. They give warnings about safety and malfunctions.

When the students study robotics technology, they will learn both the mechanical and the electronic parts. The goal of the robotic technology is to teach what the students need to know as part of the team that designs, builds, and maintains these machines. The students also learn how to represent designs graphically on a computer.

Hazards are present in each and every work environment. Safety consideration should be there necessary to operate the robot properly and use it automatically in combine with other peripheral equipment. The study of robotic technology involves the proper selection of an effective robotic safeguarding system that is based upon a hazard analysis and maintenance operations. That effective safeguarding system not only protects operators but also engineers, maintenance personnel and others. The energy provided to various robot actuators are electrical power or hydraulic power. There are three different teaching techniques. They are lead-through, walk-through and off-line. Mobile robots are freely moving automatic programmable industrial robots. Robots are used in manufacturing, assembly, packing, transport, earth exploration, surgery, weapons, safety and the mass production of consumer and industrial goods in many of the industrial organizations.




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