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How to select a college?

hat, studentIt's always been a highly difficult action to select a college that will suit your interests and will take you one step closer to your aim. Even though it is difficult, online sources of information have made the task easier giving more details about the college and its performance. One important consideration is the high graduation rate and it is followed by lower faculty student ratio. This value is often misinterpreted but there is no way for leaving this field null in selecting the college. The lower the value, the more importance you are given by the faculty.

Most of the colleges offer 3 to 1 student faculty ratio but if doesn't mean that there will only be 3 students in a class handled by a faculty. This is just a ratio and not the mere value. There are many colleges with higher rates but are popular as well. It is because, those colleges concentrate more on research and development and hence appoint more faculty towards research and not classroom teaching. But overall the result and performance of the students in such colleges are higher and this is why the ratings of those colleges are higher. In some other colleges, faculty gives more importance to graduation students and less importance to undergraduates. This is because, the former do more research than the latter. So it depends on the college and the persona of the faculties there, that you can come to a conclusion. But taking the general point of view, the colleges with lower faculty student ratio is preferable unless and until the research work of the college is top class. Only when the ratio is lower, you will be given extra care in all aspects. When the ratio is higher, the number of students taken care by faculties will be higher. This will tend you to be casual in the class without listening to what they teach. The normal value is 15 to 1 and lesser.

Usually, full time faculty available in the college is only considered for the ratio and the guest lecturers or part-time faculties are not considered. In some cases, class size will help you know what the atmosphere is inside the class rooms and laboratories. So consider either class room size or faculty student ratio as one consideration in selecting the college.




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