Universities in East Asia Improve their World Rankings

World RankingsIn latest rankings issued by Higher Education magazine by Time, East Asian universities have improved their performance. While Cambridge and Oxford remain among the top 6 of the elite institutions, the survey also tells us that 3 universities from UK have exited from the top 100 list of institutions. According to Phil Baty, editor of these rankings, Harvard University remains at the top with Massachusetts Institute of Technology coming a close second. Cambridge University is at the third place with the 4th spot being occupied by Oxford University.

2013 World Rankings by Times Higher Education

  • 1. Harvard University
  • 2. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • 3. University of Cambridge
  • 4. University of Oxford
  • 5. University of California, Berkeley
  • 6. Stanford University
  • 7. Princeton University
  • 8. University of California, Los Angeles
  • 9. University of Tokyo
  • 10. California Institute of Technology

In 2011 when the rankings were first published there were 12 universities from UK in the list of top 100 institutions. Full ranking available on bnfl education. Today there are only 9 UK universities in this list. While London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and Sheffield University fell below in the rankings last year, it was the turn of Leeds University to go out of the top 100 list this year. The list of top 100 institutions is arrived at by asking prominent scholars to rate institutions on different aspects. Mr. Baty is of the view that the latest list is a setback for UK universities.


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