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While some of these tips may seem obvious, students fail to use them. Not all of them may work for you but some may prove to be new, more streamlined ways of studying. You never know unless you try.

Take Notes In Textbook

Many students take notes but this makes for too much material to review when studying. An alternative would be to open up your textbook and follow along with the lecture. You can take notes on some things, but many students duplicate material found in the textbook.

Highlight What Is Repeated

What is the professor emphasizing that is also in the textbook? Is there a key central theme in the chapter that your professor is repeating over and over? If yes, then chances are that it will appear in the exam.

Be Concise

If you do plan on taking traditional notes, be concise. Do not write everything down word for word, take down the key information and listen to what the professor is saying.
Add Notes From Other Classes

Chances are that in any given class, material from another class will come up. Such cross-referencing will make topics clearer and problems simpler to solve.
Add Examples From Industry

If any theory strikes a chord with something a company did, jot this down. Obviously it helps to read business magazines, watch industry reports and the like.


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